Sunday, October 10, 2010


The barley has sprouted, surprising considering there has been zero rain since the seeds were sown.  Looks like we should get some rain at the end of the week.  Hopefully the barley will establish itself well before heading into late fall and winter.  I've been working on clearing an old grapevine that my grandfather planted many many years ago.  Wild weeds, trees, and brush had engulfed the vines and taken the grape yield down to nothing.  I'm looking for a used turning plow.  (If anybody knows where I can get a good deal on one, let me know.)  I'm also in the process of tuning up the old chainsaw.  I've got a lot of brush and trees to clear, and the saw is not running at its full potential.
Barley Seedlings
Before picture of the grape vine.  Do you see it?

After picture of the grapevine.  I will have to replace some of the posts and the wire to support the vines.

My daughter got her first ride on a horse.  She was a natural and loved it, thats me on the left.

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